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November and December 2023

Who’s ready to clear out those closets and pantries?


Lovelanders is proud to partner with the following organizations to collect donations of clothing, supplies, and individually-wrapped/shelf-stable food items for our homeless community this holiday season:

Loveland Resource Center

Homeward Alliance

137 Homeless Connection HNS - MASH (Mobile Assistance Serving the Homeless)



Your donations can be dropped off directly to the organization closest to you, or at one of the businesses who have graciously volunteered to be drop-off locations.


Please snap a picture of your donations when you drop them off, and post it in the comments section of our Lovelanders Facebook post!


Downtown Loveland (& surrounding area) drop-off locations:

Loveland Resource Center, partnered with Homeward Alliance - 137 S Lincoln Ave - Daily: 1pm-5pm

137 Homeless Connection HNS - 1511 E 11th St - M-Th: 9am-4 pm -


Follow signs to donation area entrance on east side of Life Center building, open doors, and place items in bin labeled “137 Homeless Connection” (left of “Food Pantry Donation” entry)"

TheSalvationArmyLoveland - 840 N Lincoln Ave - M-F: 9am-4pm

B Sweet Cupcakes - 425 E 4th St - M-F: 11am-5:30pm, Sat: 11am-4pm



NW Loveland drop-off locations:


Crossroads Church - 5420 N Taft Ave - M-Th: 10am-3pm

Grandma's Attic - 650 E 29th St - M-Sat: 10 AM-5PM

Edward Jones - Daren Gartner - 3025 N Taft Ave, Suite B - M-F: 8 AM- 4PM


Centerra drop-off location:

If you have a business in the Centerra area and want to be added as a drop-off location, please email


Pick-up service at your doorstep

^VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: If we get enough Lovelanders to volunteer their time and effort, we will offer the option for a volunteer to pick up your donations at your home and deliver them directly to the recipient organizations for you! We hope to get enough Lovelanders to volunteer their time for this service - stay tuned…

Want to volunteer to pick up and drop off donations?

Can’t make it to a drop-off location? Click below and a Lovelanders volunteer will pick up your donations at your doorstep, if we get enough Lovelanders to volunteer to pick up donations.


List of Items Needed:

Please donate anything that you can. Additionally, below are high-priority items, specifically requested by the recipient organizations:

 Hand sanitizer

 Foot powder
 Men/women’s deodorant,
 Shampoo/conditioner/body wash/razors/shaving cream
 Antibiotic ointment, band aides, alcohol wipes
 Men’s jeans waist sizes 30, 32, 34, 36, 38
 Men’s t-shirt’s sizes Med, Large, XL, 2XL
 Women’s jean’s sizes 0-8
 Women’s t-shirt’s sizes xs, small, med, large
 Winter gloves and mittens - Small, Med, Large for both men and women
 Hand/foot/body warmers
 Winter ski mask/face covering for men/women
 Men’s winter Jackets L, XL, 2XL
 Women’s winter jackets S, M, L, XL
 Men’s snow pants or coveralls (Med, Large, XL, 2XL)
 Women’s snow pants or coveralls (Small, Med, Large)
 Men and Women’s Hoodies – Small, Med, Large
 Thermal underwear size Small, Med, Large for women
 Thermal underwear size Med, Large, XL for Men
 Men’s boxers sizes Med, Large, XL
 Women’s underwear sizes 5, 6, 7, 8
 Small Flashlights/headlamps and AA/AAA batteries
 Backpacks
 Sleeping bags and blankets
 Non-perishable, individually wrapped snacks,

cup of noodle soups, soft protein bars, chips, fruit cups, etc.


Lovelanders is excited for our group to help make a difference to so many in need! Thank you, fellow Lovelanders!

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